Hella - Oil on CanvasElizabeth - Oil on CanvasElizabeth - Oil on Canvas (detail)

Oil Portraits and Drawings

For over 20 years, Kathy Coe has shown a unique ability to capture her subjects’ personality in her work.

When Kathy created several portraits of the late comedienne and actress Gilda Radner, her husband Gene Wilder said, “She came to my house and we talked about Gilda. She saw where she lived and the things that had meaning to her. The result was so much better that I had ever dared dream, and I can’t recommend her more highly.”

Kathy’s clientele for animal portraits includes comedienne Joan Rivers, who said, “Anyone who has a pet that they love – and doesn’t need a facelift – should spend some of that money on a portrait by Kathy Coe. Her work is extraordinary.” Later, when Kathy created a painting for Ms. Rivers as a gift for Prince Charles, she had this to say: